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    Store Assistant Fost angajat - Welwyn Garden City - 19 mai, Used to work in different locations and in the first one loved it feel appreciated and scorțișoară în tratamentul paraziților but with transfer got into really unpleasant crowd of people complaining plotting and saying that the first one was laid back.

    sunt ferges gyk

    Was good at my role at the time problem was lady now promoted to assistant manager in X who was sunt ferges gyk plotting and treating people very bad, think that her promotion was thanks to going after dead bodies of other people that she did not feel safe about also previous managers after opening new store changed.

    They raise their voice with obvious chores to do and make the atmosphere there unbearable.

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    Why they cannot talk normal to the staff stays unexplainable. Very bad store manager person with problems smile even if says bad things to you always complaining and threatening you about firing you like many people before you with no sunt ferges gyk whatsoever with simple thing like no sunt ferges gyk targets of pallet per h even my area manager knew that this is average of all per shift but no you get them shouting at you 30 m and even bully you with phone alarms which is unbelievable.

    sunt ferges gyk

    Staff meetings another occasion to bully store assistants wether they meet targets or no atmosphere of being bad and not meeting standards is everyday bread. Tires out mentally more than physically. Would recommend some sort of protection of assistants and validation managers because several researchers showed that people leave -  mai mult

    sunt ferges gyk