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hpv high risk positive means

The relationship between surgical treatment and radiotherapy is very important, knowing that radiotherapy leads to issue changes that negatively impacts on the reconstructive techniques. The experimental studies on the radiation effects on tissue flaps and biocompatible materials are justified by the serious problems that occur in reconstructive surgery performed in irradiated areas. Aim: to evaluate the tissular reaction to radiation in the presence of implanted materials, in order to establish an experimental model for the irradiation of tissular flaps in small animals.

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Fasciocutaneous and muscular flaps were surgically prepared, implanted either with titan clips or pieces of two hpv high risk positive means biomaterials and irradiated with electron beams. At different intervals of hpv high risk positive means after radiotherapy the tissular reaction to irradiation in the presence of implanted materials was evaluated.

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Results: Macroscopically, the local appearance was variable, from flap necrosis to the complete integration of the flap into the tissular defect.

Microscopically, a mild inflammatory reaction was noted early postoperatively.

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  • Hpv high risk a positive. HPV detecție tipuri cu risc crescut + genotipare extinsă

Later, an important proliferation of the connective tissue and fibrosis of the muscular tissue containing the metallic implants developed. Conclusion: Our experimental model is appropriate and can be used for the study of tissue reactions and tolerance to radiation in the presence or absence of implanted materials.

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Treatment failure was defined as local recurrence, lymph node metastasis lombo-aortic, supraclavicular or organ metastasis. Results: The median age was 47 years and the median follow-up was Eleven patients 9. Local recurrence was observed in 4 7.

Distant metastases occurred in 5 patients 8. Key words: cervical cancer, stage IIB, radiochemotherapy, surgery, survival.

People run away when you tell them you're seropositive. Nivelurile anti- HPV la subiecţii la care s- a administrat placebo care aveau sigur o infecţie cu HPV seropozitiv şi PCR negativ au fost substanţial mai scăzute decât cele induse de vaccin.

Material and Methods: This study evaluated the presence of HPV in cases: cases of carcinoma, 62 cases with dysplasia and 15 cases with pelvic inflammation from January to August We discussed the neoplasm cases vs the comparison group, by demographic, clinical and paraclinical parameters. We analysed the cases by age, environment, stage of disease and by overall survival.

Hpv high risk and abnormal pap

We determined 3 types of HPV positive: high risk, low risk, undetermined risk and association. Results: The HPV positive cases were The HPV positive prevalence by age shows We analysed also the mortality and the survival follow-up in patients with HPV positive and negative.

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Conclusions: In our study HPV positive cases had giardiasis para que es worst prognosis.