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The inflammatory infiltrate of melanocytic nevus Angel Fernandez-Flores, Marcela Saeb-Lima Melanocytic nevi are frequently accompanied by inflammatory cells of different types, in varied amounts and distributed in different patterns. In the current report, we review the knowledge on inflammation seen in different types of melanocytic nevi.

As an additional contribution, we studied the lymphocytic inflammatory component of Duperrat nevus, as well as the cytotoxic component of Sutton nevus, two contributions that we have not found in the literature.

Because current treatment options for HCC are capable of providing good survival rates to only a limited number of patients, new therapeutic opportunities should be hepatic cancer types upon. The particularities of dendritic cells DC populations existing in the liver, and their consecutive selective activation of certain immunotolerant T-cell subgroups, account for the high success rate of allogeneic hepatic transplantation, currently the most efficient treatment for HCC.

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Hepatic cancer types particularities of dendritic cells DCs populations existing in the liver, and their consecutive selective activation of certain immunotolerant T-cell subgroups, account for the high success rate of allogeneic hepatic transplantation for HCC. These hepatic cancer types mechanisms also open new paths towards cancer preventing and cancer curative vaccines, as well as successful immunotherapy.

Our aim was to summarize the main aspects of the biology of DCs populations, especially those present in the liver, and to draw attention to their current and future roles in the curative treatment of hepatocarcinoma. The motor response is usually the main dependent variable in studies regarding physical or cognitive decline in aging. It is therefore critical to understand how the motor function changes with age. The present review, aims at presenting briefly some of the most recently published works in the field, focusing on the three hepatic cancer types components of the motor unit.

The changes that the skeletal muscle undergoes aging sarcopenia, alteration of fiber type distribution and also intimate metabolic transformations.

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The neuromuscular junction suffers at cellular and molecular level, with hepatic cancer types implications of various cell components, mediators and oxidative stress. Motoneuron loss and change in their physiological properties accompany remodeling in the motor units. The applicability of knowledge in this field lies in possible interventions intended to counteract these age-related losses. Latif, David A. Kendall, Marie-Christine Pardon Acute low doses of ethanol can produce reversible memory deficits, but it is unknown whether they persist upon chronic use.

Because stress precipitates alcohol abuse and the stress hormone corticosterone contributes to memory processes, ethanol consumption and toxic effects, we also determined the impact of co-treatment with corticosterone on these effects. BDNF contributes to memory function and toxic effects of ethanol, therefore its levels were quantified in the hippocampus and frontal cortex.

Spatial and non-spatial memory performance was assessed using the spontaneous alternation, object recognition and object location tests. The chronic exposure to a low dose of ethanol caused spatial and non-spatial memory deficits after withdrawal associated with a reduction in hippocampal BDNF levels, which were prevented by co-treatment with corticosterone cca. The protective effect of corticosterone on memory was no longer observed at higher doses cca.

The present study investigated changes of circulating metalloproteinases MMP-3, MMP-9 and CRP levels in patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn s disease, in order to contribute to the elucidation of pathogenesis. We have studied serum samples of 67 patients, of which 46 with ulcerative colitis mean age Both patients, with Crohn s disease and ulcerative colitis, showed increased production of studied immunomarkers, which were correlated with some clinical stages, indicating their involvement in the disease activity.

However, an increase of their incidence was recorded during the recent period, probably due to better access to the investigative methods. The aim of this study was to assess the diagnosis and endoscopic treatment particularities of these cases.

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Our experience was based on 11 cases evaluated in the last 12 years. The mean patients age was 43 years between 26 and Hematuria, flank pain, suprapubic discomfort and urinary frequency were the main symptoms. Diagnosis was based on ultrasonography, IVP intravenous pyelographycystoscopy and ureteroscopy and confirmed by histopathology.

In four cases, smooth polypoid masses covered by hepatic cancer types normal urothelium and protruding through the ureteral orifice were discovered. In six cases, the fibroepithelial polyps appeared as a large filling defect in the ureter.

In another case, a large, organized, blood clot protruding from the left orifice imposed ureteroscopy with the identification of a mid-ureteral polyp.

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Ten cases were treated by ureteroscopic laser ablation, while transureteral resection was applied in one case. After complete excision of the polypoid base, a double-J stent was indwelled for six weeks.

Histology described the lesions as fibroepithelial polyps: hyperplastic urothelium overlying an intact basement membrane with extensive submucosal edema, dilated blood vessels, chronic inflammatory cells and fibrous stroma. No recurrences were found during hepatic cancer types follow-up period of 56 months between 6 and 72 months. Ureteral fibroepithelial polyps represent a rare pathology, ureteroscopy being the gold standard diagnostic method. The appearance and location of the lesions are pathognomonic, and complete excision may be performed by ureteroscopic approach.

Recurrences seem to be rare in these tumors. Conventional cytology versus liquid based cytology in cervical pathology: correspondences and inconsistencies in diagnosis, advantages and limits Nicoleta Simion, Irina-Draga Caruntu, Elena-Roxana Avadanei, Raluca Balan, Cornelia Amalinei Liquid Based Cytology LBC has replaced Papanicolaou standard cytology due to its practical advantages. Our study aimed to analyze the diagnosis correlations and differences between the conventional and liquid based cytology.

The study group has been composed by hepatic cancer types, diagnosed in the Laboratory hepatic cancer types Cytology, Galati County Hepatic cancer types, Romania by using both methods on the same patients group. Our study revealed a good hepatic cancer types between the results. The national experience is mainly based on conventional cytology usage, after Papanicolaou staining method.

Extremely rare centers have benefited by the necessary infrastructure for LBC, thus there are no constant reports in the mainstream. The main impediments in large-scale application of this method, in all national screening centers are connected to costs for capital investments and by conditions of exploitation. Our experience and results support the simultaneous use of the two methods.

Prognostic biomarkers in endometrial adenocarcinoma Anca Daniela Stanescu, Ileana Nistor, Anca Gabriela Poteca, Damian Ditescu, Maria Comanescu Endometrial carcinoma is the most common malignancy in the female genital system and has increased in incidence during the past years. Our study was retrospective and included 79 patients with diagnosed endometrial adenocarcinoma.

The parameters investigated in the study included clinical status, menopause, history of estrogen intake, obesity, histological results, transvaginal ultrasonography. We evaluated the status of the common clinicopathological features and immunohistochemical biomarkers of endometrial carcinoma.

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The main type of carcinoma was endometrial endometrioid carcinoma 68 casesfollowed by serous carcinoma seven cases. The immunohistochemical profile showed significant differences between the two subtypes.

The majority of cases showed positivity for steroid hormones and the positivity correlated with the endometrioid subtype. We observed a correlation between p53 overexpression and specific histological alterations.

Hepatic cancer etiology Miron, M. HCC incidence has doubled over the last 20 years in Europe.

hepatic cancer types A high percentage of Ki67 positivity tumors correlated with grade 3 tumors, as well as with a high percentage of p53 positivity.

The study shows the importance of the use of biomarkers in the positive diagnosis and the guiding of therapeutic approach. Histopathologically, these diseases are characterized by the extent and the distribution of mucosal architectural abnormality, the cellularity of the lamina propria and the present cell types, but these features frequently overlap.

We have found in our study correlations between ulcerative colitis activity and serum levels of interleukins, IL and IL Because IL serum levels were significantly correlated with the disease severity and only cytokine had a significantly statistic correlation with high serum levels of CRP in UC patients, IL can be considered an important progress inflammation marker of this disease.

The regular distribution and expression pattern of immunosuppressive cytokine IL in mouse uterus during early pregnancy Erhui Jin, Chenfang Wang, Qianqian Hu, Guangming Jin, Shenghe Li Cytokines within hepatic cancer types uterus are critical in the maternal-fetal immune regulation.

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Immunosuppressive cytokine IL was recently discovered inhibitory cytokine, which were pivotal in the establishment of immune tolerance against self-antigens and antigens encountered in foreign implantation. In order to analyze the role of IL in maternal-fetal immune tolerance, the expression patterns of IL in mouse endometrium were studied during early pregnancy by immunohistochemistry, ELISA and quantitative real-time PCR. As results, we found that IL positive cells in the uterus showed significant distribution difference after fetal implantation, which mainly distributed in luminal epithelium and glandular epithelium of mouse uterus from gestational day 1 to 2, and glandular epithelium and stroma from gestational day 4 to 7.

The number of positive cells, immunoreactive scores, protein and mRNA cântec de platyhelminthes of IL showed firstly increased and then decreased with the increase of pregnancy day.

The largest contents of Hepatic cancer types in the uterus were detected on gestational day 4. Compared with non-pregnant mice, pregnant mice showed the significantly increased mRNA expression of Ebi3 Epstein-Barr virus-induced gene 3, IL subunit in the endometrium on gestational day 2 and the highest level of kit de prelevare de enterobioză on gestational day 4.

The mRNA expression hepatic cancer types p35 IL subunit was significantly lower than that of Ebi3 gene and showed the inconsistent change from gestational day 5 to 7. However, the significant correlation existed between the immunohistochemical expression, contents and mRNA expression of IL These results indicated that IL contributed to the establishment and maintenance of maternal-fetal tolerance during early pregnancy. Equine, but not human, adipose MMSCs have been characterized ultrastructurally.

The purpose of our study was to evaluate ultrastructurally the adipose-derived human MMSCs. Cell cultures were prepared from human lipoaspirate. We found two types of MMSCS prolongations: a thick processes, with opposite, vesicular and filaments-rich, sides and b slender processes pseudopodes and filopodeswith occasional proximal dilated segments housing mitochondria, vesicles and secretory granules. These TEM features of MMSCs characterized an in vitro cell population and could use to distinguish between different cell types in culture.

DC are believed to evolve into tumor-antigen pulsed cells and then to migrate to local lymph nodes, where they activate anti-tumor immune responses.

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This theory is supported by studies showing that high DC densities are associated with favorable prognosis in some tumor types. Hepatic cancer types the present study, we evaluated 40 primary and metastatic laryngeal carcinomas for the presence of DC, using immunohistochemistry with the anti-S protein antibody. The results show that in all evaluated laryngeal cancers Spositive cells hepatic cancer types significantly more frequent in the tumor stroma.

Primary tumors with nodal metastases showed more significant differences in intraepithelial and stromal DC distribution than tumors without nodal metastases. No significant correlation between Spositive cells and peritumoral inflammatory infiltration and stromal desmoplasia was found.

In conclusion, dendritic cells need multiple, much more complex investigations. This work should be regarded as a preliminary investigation.

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Ce este pentru om împotriva viermilor? of early laryngeal cancer and its precursor lesions by a real-time autofluorescence imaging system Marioara Dobre, Marioara Poenaru, Nicolae Constantin Balica, Caius Ion Doros The prognosis of laryngeal carcinoma patients can be improved by early diagnosis. The autofluorescence endoscopy has been developed to gain more information about the biologic character of the precancerous or cancerous lesions.

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the diagnostic potential and limitations of this imaging technique applied during indirect laryngoscopy and comparing with white light and microlaryngoscopy with biopsy. In a prospective study, 56 patients with suspected precancerous or cancerous lesions were investigated preoperatively by white light and fluorescence endoscopy during indirect laryngoscopy. The procedure was followed by microlaryngoscopy and biopsy.

Results were compared to histopathological findings. Normal laryngeal mucosa displayed a typical green fluorescence, moderate to high epithelial dysplasia, in situ carcinoma and cancer showed a diminished green fluorescence.

The experience from this study shows that autofluorescence by indirect laryngoscopy may be a useful complementary method for detecting laryngeal malignancies. Its advantages are non-invasiveness, high sensitivity and repeatability. In our study, we have investigated the immunohistochemical expression of E-cadherin and alpha-smooth muscle actin alpha-SMA in 15 cases of pleomorphic adenoma of salivary glands.

We noticed the constant presence of E-cadherin reactivity at the hepatic cancer types of luminal cells that cover the proliferative structures of ductal-cystic hepatic cancer types, which gradually disappears to the periphery. At the level of epithelial hepatic cancer types solid areas, the reactivity for E-cadherin was inconstant and heterogeneous, while alpha-SMA expression increased.

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This aspect indicated the involving of epithelial-mesenchymal transition process in the evolution of pleomorphic adenoma. Results: There is a statistically significant increase in cPCs counts in the following days after STEMI, with a different behavior depending on their phenotype.

Microscopic aspects of the hybrid layer formed by the SE 1-step Futurabond M Voco adhesive system applied to normal and sclerotic dentin Anamaria Florescu, Hepatic cancer types Cristian Efrem, Cerasela Haidoiu, Radu Hertzog, Florentina Cornelia Biclesanu Study objectives: In vitro evaluation and comparison of the adhesion of a generation-7 adhesive system to normal and sclerotic dentin.

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Materials and Significado de oxiuros For this study, sound teeth as well as teeth with sclerotic dentin, which had been extracted for periodontal reasons, were prepared. For teeth with sclerotic dentin, the hypermineralized superficial layer was removed by means of round bur on low speed, then the adhesive system and composite resin were applied.

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These teeth were prepared for microscopic study according to the protocol specific to each microscope. For the study involving the confocal microscope, the adhesive was mixed with the Evans Blue dye before being applied to the tooth, then the same protocol was followed.

Results: When applied to normal dentin, Futurabond M Vocothe generation-7 adhesive system, forms a hybrid layer with a depth of micro-m, while it can be noted that it pervades micro-m into the dentinal tubules.

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When applied to sclerotic dentin, it was noted that the adhesive system does not pervade into the tubules, with an approximately micro-m depth of the hybrid layer. Conclusions: The hepatic cancer types to sclerotic dentin shows particular aspects. Identification and phenotypic characterization of the most frequent bacterial etiologies in chronic skin ulcers Mara Madalina Mihai, Alina Maria Holban, Calin Giurcaneanu, Liliana Gabriela Popa, Mariana Buzea, Marilena Filipov, Veronica Lazar, Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc, Mircea Ioan Popa Chronic wounds represent an important hepatic cancer types on the healthcare system, requiring frequent hospitalizations and expensive treatments.

It is now recognized that a primary factor contributing to a non-healing trajectory and a low therapeutic response is the biofilm infection. The purpose of this study was to identify the bacterial isolates collected from chronic skin wounds of hospitalized patients and to evaluate their antimicrobial susceptibility profiles, virulence factors, as well as the ability to develop biofilms in vitro.

A number of 44 wound samples were collected from 39 patients.

Aggressive variants of prostate cancer - Are we ready to apply specific treatment right now? Cancer Treat Rev. In most cases, prostate cancer essentially depends on androgen receptor signaling axis, even in castration-resistant setting, and hence may be targeted by second generation hormonal therapy. However, a subset of patients bears androgen-independent cancer biology with a short-term response to hormonal treatment, early and extensive visceral metastases, low PSA levels and poor outcomes.

The isolated strains belonged to seven different microbial species, i. In comparison to the other isolates, P. The Enterobacteriaceae strains expressed less virulent phenotypes, lower adherence to epithelial cells and biofilm forming capacity, but also significant resistance phenotypes with a potential of unfavorable epidemiological outcome. However, in order to establish a statistical relevant correlation, larger studies are needed.

Formation and persistence of intra-abdominal loculations is often under-diagnosed. Encapsulated peritoneal sclerosis EPS is a life-threatening complication, but malnutrition, recurrent peritonitis and early membrane failure are insidious enemies that need to be hepatic cancer types.

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It is important to highlight the persistence of intra-abdominal fluid collection after clinical resolution of peritonitis in PD patients and to indicate a new medical management approach for an early diagnosis. During five years, we selected PD peritonitis cases followed by a six months interval free of infections.