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Studiu: Fumatorii de tigari electronice inhaleaza mai multe toxine si nicotina decat cei obisnuiti Autor: Stirileprotv. Persoanele care folosesc tigarile electronice risca sa inhaleze mai multe toxine si o concentratie mai mare de nicotina, sustin cercetatorii americani, relateaza Daily Mail. Cercetatorii de la Universitatea din New York au stabilit ca din cauza frecventei ridicate, dar si a profunzimii cu care fumatorii de tigari electonice inhaleaza, absorb o cantitate mai mare de toxine. Concluziile acestui studiu contrazic modul in care tigarile electronice au fost promovate pana acum ca fiind o alternativa lipsita de tutun si mai sanatoasa pentru cei dependenti de nicotina.

Why smoking is bad for cars The topic of smoking in cars has been receiving plenty of coverage recently, following confirmation of a ban on doing this while children are onboard.

From the start of this October, drivers in England and Wales will face fixed penalty fines e cigarette toxines £50 if they are caught smoking in their car while carrying a passenger aged under 18 onboard.

Sinonimele și antonimele venin în dicționarul de sinonime Franceză E-cigarette toxines. Les cartouches qui sont vendues dj remplies et interchangeables sont chacunes trs pratiques et efficaces pendant lvaporationet elles produisent les mmes excellents rsultats quel que e cigarette toxines votre choix. L-a nimerit undeva la nivelul plămânilor și inimii. Combien de personnes meurent du cancer du poumon et d'emphysème? Vorbesc serios, câți oameni mor de e-cigarette toxines Selon la médecine traditionnelle, dermatologique sont étroitement liées à la loge, mais l'énergie du poumon et le foie et les reins l'aidant ce dernier à purifier le sang, sans quoi il peut devenir toxines dans la peau.

This applies to anybody smoking with children onboard and not just strictly parents. The new law has been created to protect children from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

e cigarette toxines

Cars may not be living, breathing things but there are several ways they can be affected long term when someone smokes inside them, harming their quality and value in the process.

So just how is smoking bad for cars? Well for one, it can make the inside of it stink.

e cigarette toxines

That means the smell created by cigarettes can linger in a car. Even worse, the smoke secreted from cigarettes can also discolour any fabrics in cars, such as those used for seats.

E-cigarette : de "incontestablement nocive" selon l'OMS à la désinformation.

These problems end up affecting another issue, specifically the value of the car if and when the owner decides to sell it on. This is something that several groups have brought up in the past.

The British Medical Association has highlighted research showing that because of people smoking within e cigarette toxines, the levels of toxins in a car can be up to 11 times higher than in a smoky bar.

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So if a car is more like an ashtray on wheels, chances are buyers will move on to find one that looks and smells fresh as a daisy. This will avoid the lingering smell of cigarettes in the interior, as well as eliminate the risk of scorch marks on the upholstery or dash. All of these things will put buyers off, even if they smoke themselves. Stephen Goldasz.

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